Speech Therapy Consulting Services

It takes a special someone to hear what a child cannot say !

Speech Therapy


Speech therapy is designed for children or adults with speech difficulties. It focuses on improving the speech to understand, express and interact better. The experts of Braintism provide speech therapy for kids and adults who are experiencing language and cognitive difficulties as well as any issues with articulation, swallowing and feeding. Some individuals might face challenges with their fine motor skills, like moving the jaw or tongue together as well as a result both speech and eating could be impacted. Our speech therapy consultants’ main objective is to improve the overall communication capabilities of the individual. We aim to build the language capabilities of the kids and adults with our speech therapy Rajkot services. Our professionals provide personalized speech therapy consulting to everyone.

Braintism offers Speech Therapy for Kids or Individual’s dealing with:

  • Clarity of Speech
  • Stuttering
  • Stammering
  • Speech Delay
  • Language Disorder
  • Cognitive-Communication Disorder
  • Fluency Disorder
  • Pragmatic Language Disorder

Every speech and language problem is different. There are different management strategies for psychotherapy counselling services we provide. At our clinic we deal with all speech and language disorders.

How Speech Therapy For Kids Works?


Speech therapy involves the process of repeating words. However, we at Braintism do it a bit differently. We primarily focus on communication. Speech therapy for kids and adults aims to improve the coordinating of jaw, tongue and lips to produce sounds. Our experts offer therapies to improve the articulation and fluency. Our main aim is to empower the individuals to be able to understand and express the languages. Also, our speech therapy consultants focus on providing services to improve all activities that require the coordination of the mouth, like, blowing, sucking and eating.


How is our speech therapy counselling different from others?

Braintism’s experts focus on improving the communication abilities of the individuals who are being offered speech therapy counselling. Our speech therapies are very personalized, they are based on the specific complain areas of the individuals. We believe in engaging the individuals using different means so that they are able to get the benefits of the therapy while being involved in the process. Engagement boosts the positivity of the outcomes.

Speech Assessment

Our speech therapists holistically understand the specific complain areas of every individual so that we are able to provide useful Speech Therapy Rajkot Counselling based on the needs of the clients. Our speech assessment includes interviewing the person who requires therapy, his/her family members, and the parents of the child. We also carefully assess the auditory, visual, motor, and cognitive developmental stage of the individual. Holistic assessment plays a very pivotal role as it helps to create a customized and highly efficient therapy plan for the individual. It helps the individual reap maximum benefits from the speech therapy consulting.

About The Founder


About The Founder

Nishtha is a Special Educational Needs Consultant and a Psychotherapist who has graduated in Psychology from Royal Holloway University of London, UK. She then progressed her educational career by pursuing her post-graduation in Special and Inclusive Education from University College London – Institute of Education, UK.

Nishtha continues to work in various academic and non- academic settings offering customized multisensory intervention plans to children and young adults with learning difficulties and special needs.

As a consultant Nishtha works with parents and teachers delivering adequate information and providing guidance to better help children with their diagnoses.

Nishtha Shah

Founder of Braintism