Special Education Consulting Services

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Special Education Counselling


Braintism has an in-house team of many experienced special education needs consultants. Our educators’ offers personalize learning to the children, based on their needs and interests. Braintism aims to provide apt resources to the kids that help them learn and explore more. We also offer support and education to the families and schools. As a child spends most part of their day with their parent and in school; therefore, it is important to guide the parents with the resources required to aid the growth of the child. Our team offers special education services in Rajkot.

Braintism’s Special Education Needs Consultants


Our consultants provide special education counselling for kids of different age groups. We offer K–12 and higher education. Our special education consulting experts positively influence the growth of a child. Their main objective is to deliver education and knowledge to the child in the most beneficial manner.

Our special educational needs consultants in Rajkot provide education and support not only to the child, but also to the parents and teachers with parenting consulting services. They have the skills to impart education to the child in a way that is easier for the kid to understand, and receive the education. Our special education for kids is strategized to aid the development of the child.


Our Areas of Focus

Braintism offers learning experiences to promote the success of a child. We offer early-childhood education, K–12 education, vocational education and lifelong learning.


Early-Childhood Education


Vocational Education


Lifelong Learning

Role of Braintism’s Special Education Rajkot Consultants


Our special education needs consultants offer guidance to those who seek our services related to special education in Rajkot. We can organize special education session for kids, parents, families, schools as well as for other educational institutes.



Parents and loved ones of a child will always want their child to love the experience of learning and to get maximum benefits from learning. They want the success of their child. We offer special education counselling services to the parents and families so that they are able to acquire the right knowledge which is needed to help the child learn better.

Educational Institutes: Schools and Colleges

Our education consultants offer the education institutes, like schools and colleges the resources and learning to provide special education consulting to the students who need it. This helps the school to better prepare for the learning and development of the children that require special education due to various reasons.


About The Founder


About The Founder

Nishtha is a Special Educational Needs Consultant and a Psychotherapist who has graduated in Psychology from Royal Holloway University of London, UK. She then progressed her educational career by pursuing her post-graduation in Special and Inclusive Education from University College London – Institute of Education, UK.

Nishtha continues to work in various academic and non- academic settings offering customized multisensory intervention plans to children and young adults with learning difficulties and special needs.

As a consultant Nishtha works with parents and teachers delivering adequate information and providing guidance to better help children with their diagnoses.

Nishtha Shah

Founder of Braintism